Millennium bomber clams up

The Los Angeles Times reports on the information received by the government from “milliennium bomber” Ahmed Ressam who was apprehended by an alert American customs agent when the bomber tried to enter the United States: “Records show man in LAX plot gave U.S. key terrorist details.” The article also reports that Ressam has apparently stopped talking. The information reported in the Times story has become available in connection with the pending sentencing of Ressam:

The documents filed to influence [sentencing Judge] Coughenour’s decision offer details about Ressam’s central role in the U.S. counter-terrorism campaign.
They also indicate that senior Bush administration law enforcement and intelligence officials remain convinced that Islamic terrorist organizations pose a grave threat to U.S. interests here and abroad despite four years of aggressive measures.

Tony Blankley’s Washington Times column today makes the related observation that “it seems both Washington and the public have hit the snooze button.” Blankley’s column is “Political attention deficit disorder.”


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