Cheating Green dreams

We have closely followed events involving the pending election of two trustees to the Dartmouth College board. Today National Review Online catches up with the story in a big way, with Alston Ramsay’s detailed report on the Dartmouth administration’s flagrant violation of the applicable rules: “Getting hell from Hanover.” Given mysterious foul-ups in the delivery of ballots by mail, the deadline for voting has been extended from April 22 to May 6. We support petition candidates Peter Robinson and Todd Zywicki. If you’re a Dartmouth alum and you haven’t yet voted, please do so now.
On a note related to the critique of the Dartmouth administration advanced by Robinson and Zywicki in their candidacies, Dartlog reports that Dartmouth has added a bureaucratic “sustainability director” to its payroll. This particular sustainability director believs in restructuring society to contract our “ecological footprint.” Robinson and Zywicki, on the other hand, believe in contracting the Dartmouth administration in order to increase the number of teachers in the classroom and sustain the college’s traditional teacher-student ratio. The Daily Dartmouth covers the story in “Merkel appointed first sustainability director.”


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