Pryor restraint

Paul Greenberg in the Washington Times identifies the latest Democratic Senator to attack the rights of Christian fundamentalists. It’s Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor, who finds it inappropriate for Christians (or at least a certain type of Christian) to invoke religion in support of a certain kind of political position (conservative). He fears that doing so could “make the followers of Jesus Christ just another kind of special interest group.”
The problems with Pryor’s position is that it treats the followers of Jesus Christ as inferior to members of ordinary special interest groups. Members of every other group can invoke their core values and beliefs in public policy discussions. But certain kinds of Christians are told by Pryor, his fellow Democrats, and the scolds in the MSM that they shouldn’t do so.
Greenberg isn’t too concerned though:

Anyone, including a U.S. senator, who thinks he can keep religious ideas out of the political arena here must be talking about, well, a different country. France, maybe, or the old Soviet Union. Or Mexico in one of its anti-clerical seizures.

Or the United States our liberals are striving to create.


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