Hateful speech revisited

Patrick Coyle is the Director of Campus Lectures for Young America’s Foundation, the group that paid for the appearance of Ann Coulter at St. Olaf College and St. Thomas University on April 17 and 18, respectively. We have covered the condemnation of Coulter’s talk as “hateful speech” by St. Thomas President Father Dennis Dease. Coyle has now released a statement on the events in issue: “University presidents should apologize for rude students…” Coyle writes:

The leftist students at the University of St. Thomas were also eager to disrupt [Coulter’s] speech and commandeered the first row of the balcony. In a silly display by these students, when Coulter merely mentioned Bill Clinton the entire row erupted in applause and cheers. Another individual began to heckle her after every sentence.
Unfortunately for the Left, it did not account for a packed hall, overflowing with students and community members who support Coulter and were eager to hear her ideas. These supporters were not about to see her speech interrupted. Upon Coulter


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