Hateful speech on Hannity & Colmes

Ann Coulter was interviewed last night on Hannity & Colmes regarding her recent appearances on college campuses, including the one at the University of St. Thomas that we have followed here. Fox News has now posted the transcript of the interview. St. Thomas has worked hard to earn the national attention it received last night, and I trust that the St. Thomas administration is proud of the well-deserved notice right at the top of the interview:

COLMES: [T]he president of St. Thomas College says you violated the controversial issues policy stating that members and guests are expected to treat each other with dignity. And that’s what he is claiming about what happened there. I don’t know what that means. But I wasn’t there.
COULTER: I don’t either, but neither was he.
COLMES: Did you not treat fellow audience members with dignity in your responses?
COULTER: Far more dignity than their questions deserved. No, I’m much nicer to college liberals than I am to you, for example, because I figure you’re an adult, these are young kids.
COLMES: I can take it. I can handle it.
COULTER: Right, you can take it. So in general, I am much politer to them. I have to say St. Olaf’s and St. Thomas questions were stunningly bad, so bad I can’t even remember. I can remember the ones last night.
But I think there really is a problem on college campuses and if you want liberalism to continue in this country


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