There’s Something Happening Here…

…but, in the words of the old song, what it is ain’t exactly clear. Reuters posts an opaque report on what sounds like an interesting development in the war on terror. What jumps out, of course, are the classic Reuters scare quotes:

U.S. Marines landed on Somalia’s coast in one of their most visible hunts for militants in the country since they set up a Horn of Africa counter terrorism force in 2002, Somali officials said on Thursday.
Two boats brought about 20 lightly armed Marines to the fishing village of Maydh in the northwestern enclave of Somaliland on Tuesday, where they showed pictures of suspected “terrorists” to locals before leaving, residents said.

There’s more:

Two U.S. military helicopters flew low over parts of the Gulf of Aden port of Berbera on Wednesday, including the docks, airport, a fuel depot and former barracks, residents said.
Reporters said three U.S. vessels, including a helicopter carrier, had been spotted on Tuesday at the port of Las Qorei, where Marines questioned fishermen about local shipping.
Somaliland’s interior minister declined to comment.

As I say, there’s something happening, but it may be a while–if ever–before we find out what.


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