Back to the drawing board

Earlier this week, I wrote about the pilot sex-education course developed for use in Montgomery County, Maryland public schools. The course struck me as containing elements of indoctrination, especially with respect to issues pertaining to gays.
Yesterday, a federal court judge temporarily enjoined the County from implementing the program, which was set to begin today. The injunction is for ten days, but the judge’s ruling expresses deep concern about aspects of the course, and the school system apparently has decided to back down. Judge Alexander Williams, a Clinton appointee, wrote that the course:

open[s] up the classroom to the subject of homosexuality, and specifically, the moral rightness of the homosexual lifestyle. However, [it] presents only one view on the subject — that homosexuality is a natural and morally correct lifestyle — to the exclusion of other perspectives. The public interest is served by preventing [school officials] from promoting particular religious beliefs in the public schools and preventing [the officials] from disseminating one-sided information on a controversial topic.

UPDATE: Reader Richard Bingham writes,

You added no editorial comment to your post, so I will. . .That


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