In the end, a sound ruling

Last week, I blogged about the pro-gay pilot sex-ed program developed for use in the Montgomery County, Maryland schools, and how a Clinton-appointed judge had ruled it unconstitutional. At the same, I was undecided about the judge’s ruling, a prudent stance since I hadn’t read the opinion.
I finally got around to reading Judge Williams’ opinion this evening. I find it persuasive. Judge Williams shows that, in promoting its gay rights agenda, the County chose to plunge into a discussion of religion to the point of advising students which churches are enlightened (the Anglican Church of Canada, for example) and which are bigoted and theologically flawed (the Baptists). Judge Williams was correct to find (in the context of a motion for preliminary relief) that the plaintiff’s were likely to prevail on the merits, since the County’s discussion of theology goes much further than necessary to provide health related information and (assuming that this is what public schools should be doing) to promote tolerance of gays.
The Washington Times also applauds this “setback for Rockville’s sexperts.”


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