A Tony Snow exclusive

Tony Snow just finished an interview with Trent Lott. Senator Lott wanted to respond to an article in Roll Call to the effect that he had crafted a deal to dump certain judges to guarantee others an up-or-down vote on the Senate floor. According to an account (I didn’t hear the interview), Lott called the report “exaggerated,” adding that he has worked with Ben Nelson “from time to time” on a deal, but that the proposed deal “isn’t much of a deal at all.” Lott also stated that he won’t accept criticism from Republicans for working with Democratic senators because “they’re the same ones who threw me overboard. I’m free. I don’t have to work with them anymore.” Lott called the Senate a “dysfunctional institution.” Lott may consider himself part of the solution to this problem, but in the context of the confirmation battles that remains to be seen.
The show will be replayed starting at noon (eastern time) and I’m told that audio highlights will be posted on Tony’s website an hour or so later.


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