How Low Can They Go?

Someone apparently named D Wentworth went to the trouble of tracking down my office email address in order to send me the delightful email quoted in full below. He sent the same message to a number of other conservative commentators, including Rush Limbaugh, and also sent a copy to our site email box:

I am a fat gay man looking for some action. I’m not too fat, kind of a mix of Limbaughs ass with Goldbergs head. If you are interested in some good Chrisitian gay sex, lets get it on!
Oh Rush btw – I got you a stash man of percocet, crack, and Boones!

We’ve gotten thousands of similar emails from liberal Democrats. We almost never read them (in fact, we hardly ever even see them), but every once in a while we pluck one out of the garbage can, pass it around and laugh at it. D Wentworth’s message is in that category.
The person who wrote this email is, of course, deeply disturbed. What is significant, I think, is not his particular psychopathology, but the fact that this kind of sickness is so widespread. The ugly reality is that the weirdo who sent this email typifies a broad segment of the American left. That’s why we get thousands of emails like this, not just a few dozen.
Oh, one more thing: we’ve learned a lot more than we ever wanted to know about the sexual fantasies of American lefties. We can tell you this: as reflected in our email, their fantasies are 100%, with zero exceptions, homosexual. Make of that what you will. I can’t explain it.


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