Marines On the Attack

As you’ve probably seen, around 1,000 Marines have attacked terrorists in a lawless desert region adjoining Iraq’s border with Syria. In addition to the AP account linked above, this story by James Janega of the Chicago Tribune, who is embedded with the Marines, is worth reading.
Two salient points emerge: First, the Marines have previously pushed the terrorists out of Fallujah and other havens. The surviving terrorists have been reduced to gathering in the desert, near their Syrian allies–a redoubt in which the Marines are now relentlessly killing them. The “insurgency’s” losing streak continues.
Second, the terrorists are said to show signs of having been trained by a foreign power. Syria, maybe?
UPDATE: The Belmont Club and Bill Roggio have much more. Marine Colonel Bob Chase says:

When we get there, they are deciding to fight, and as such they are dying