Was Wisconsin Stolen?

We’ll never know, because the records aren’t good enough to tell us. But a joint federal-state investigation of last November’s election in Milwaukee has found incontrovertible evidence of voter fraud. Fraud seems to have permeated the election in Milwaukee, where John Kerry got his margin of victory; he carried Wisconsin by around 11,000 votes.
The Milwaukee investigation has revealed that the number of ballots counted there exceeds, by 4,609, the number of people recorded as voting. There is no evident explanation for this other than ballot box stuffing. In addition, investigators found “more than 200 cases of felons voting illegally and more than 100 people who voted twice, used fake names or false addresses or voted in the name of a dead person.”
And that’s just the fraud that has been specifically identified. Approximately 70,000 voters registered in Milwaukee on election day, and they voted overwhelmingly for John Kerry. Altogether, Kerry received 71% of the 277,000 votes cast in Milwaukee, a margin of 116,000 votes. There is no way to be sure whether more than 11,000 votes–less than 10% of Kerry’s Milwaukee margin–were fraudulent. But it is entirely possible that voter fraud swung Wisconsin into the Democrats’ column.
As we’ve said before, it is only a matter of time until voter fraud determines the outcome of a Presidential election. (Indeed, this may well have happened in 1960.) It could have happened last fall; that it didn’t was entirely a matter of luck.
Meanwhile, Wisconsin Republicans are trying to adopt a photo ID requirement for future elections. So far, their effort has been successfully blocked by the Democrats.


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