Google drinks the kool-aid

Google News offers this headline — “Jewish” Holocaust memorial in German promotes exclusiveness! I love the exclamation mark in the headline.
Google’s link for the story is to an obscure web site called “profindpages.” In addition to being angry about a Holocaust memorial that focuses on Jews, of whom 6 million were murdered, this web site is upset with President Bush for “bringing up the question of Soviet ‘occupation’ of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in 1940.” (Note the use of the quotation mark for occupation). The site proclaims that “Putin [is] losing patience with Bush and U.S. interference!” (The exclamation point again).
In today’s Washington Times, John Leo discusses a mock documentary, “EPIC 2014,” which posits that ten years from now Google will, in effect, have become the MSM. If so, we may well find ourselves yearning for the current MSM.


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