Robert Byrd tells the story of Purim

Thanks to Hugh Hewitt for directing us to the “Hamanized” Robert Byrd on his baptism, the Book of Esther and assorted other matters. Hugh writes:

If you have not heard Robert Byrd’s amazing exposition of the Book of Esther on the floor of the Senate today, as well has his recounting of his “going under the water” in 1946, then head over to and listen to the audio which he has posted as “byrdesther.”
There’s a reason we play Byrd over and over again, and Schumer and Reid and Boxer and Leahy, and it isn’t because they are so persuasive. There’s a reason as well why CNN did not play any of this excerpt when it covered Byrd’s remarks today. You figure it out.

Hugh played this utterly astounding rendition of Byrd in full flight yesterday on his show. Radioblogger (Hugh’s producer Duane Hanson) comments on Byrd’s performance: “He’s the only guy I know that pronounces the word Jew with four syllables.”
Unfortuntately, no one called in to explain the necessity of using a gregger (Yiddish for rattle) whenever Haman’s name is mentioned during the Purim story. As this helpful guide explains:

The custom of the Purim “gregger,” was obviously introduced to amuse the children, and so keep up their interest in the reading, as children (over 6) are also required to hear the Megillah.

UPDATE: Dave Siegel writes:

For the record, groggers were (and are) used to symbolically “eradicate” Haman, not just entertain the kids. Perhaps Sen. Byrd’s version should be played at every Purim celebration. See here for some authority on the grogger [or gregger, or greger].


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