Play the hand

Early this morning I wrote PepsiCo Director of External Relations Elaine Palmer:

Dear Ms. Palmer: In our telephone conversation yesterday I asked you for a complete copy of the text of Indra Nooyi’s speech at the [Columbia University] business school MBA recognition ceremony this past Sunday. You initially objected that I would quote selectively from the speech, which you yourself had done in the email statement to me. I would like to offer to post the speech on our site unedited in its entirety if you make it available to us.
For your information, I published your email statement to us on our site again last night in an effort to assure that our readers won’t miss it.
Thanks for your consideration.

We will post any reply we receive from PepsiCo.
UPDATE: See also Roger Kimball’s “‘Anything but pro-American’?”
UPDATE 2: PepsiCo has posted a message from Ms. Nooyi here and the text of her speech here (in PDF).


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