How the left was won

The loony left has found its model politician — Saddam Hussein’s cheerleader George Galloway, who was expelled from Britain’s Labour Party for, among other things, encouraging Arabs to fight British soldiers in Iraq and urging British troops not to obey “illegal orders” after stating that the war in Iraq is illegal. Why the adulation (other than the above-mentioned feats)? His strident performance before the Senate Committee investigating the oil for food scandal.
And what was it about that performance that so impressed our leftist fringe element, and apparently Chris Matthews? It must have been his claims that Bush lied, coupled with his attacks on “Zionists” and “neo-conservatives.” I don’t see how it could have been his defense on the merits to the charge that he illegally received oil-for-food money. That defense consisted of his statement that he was innocent, coupled with his assertion that Senator Coleman has nothing on him. What about the fact that his name appears on Iraqi documents indicating the identity of those on the take? They are forgeries. What about the statement of a captured Iraqi leader that Galloway was on the take. It was the product of torture. Can you imagine an administration official, or indeed any ordinary witness, being toasted for such a defense?
All over America, school children must be practicing saying “the dog ate my homework” with a Scottish accent.


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