In Case You Missed It

Sometimes we don’t talk about stories that are being covered by sites where we figure most of our readers will probably see them, and we don’t have anything special to add. An example of that was Hugh Hewitt’s great interview with Terry Moran, ABC’s White House correspondent. We posted some of the outrageous questions that the White House press corps asked Scott McClellan earlier this week, touching on subjects like the Newsweek blunder and the controversy over the filibuster. Hugh followed up by having Moran on his show, and they (along with Hugh’s listeners) had a very interesting, and remarkably candid, conversation about the anti-military and anti-Bush administration biases of the White House press corps. This was such an interesting interview that we probably shouldn’t have assumed that you already knew about it.
What makes me think of this is that Hugh noted, in the post linked to above, that when he commented on the Pepsi story that Scott ignited a couple of days ago, he didn’t expect too much response on the theory that there is a lot of overlap between his readership and ours. That turned out not to be the case: his readers exploded, and he invited a spokesman for Pepsico to be on his show tonight. The invitation wasn’t accepted, but Hugh spent his first hour talking about the Columbia speech, and was inundated with calls. I listened in while driving to St. Paul to hear Rudy Giuliani speak at the Center of the American Experiment’s annual dinner. (I’ll have more to say about that tomorrow.)
The latest development is that Pepsico is moving into full damage control mode, having heard from a great number of our readers and Hugh’s readers and listeners, as well as others who picked up on the story elsewhere in the blogosphere. Pepsico has released a new apology by Indra Nooyi; Hugh has it here. It’s more fulsome; Hugh doesn’t consider it any more sincere, however.


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