It’s Back!

The Miss Universe competition, that is. I’m not sure whether I’ll live-blog the finale as I did last year, but I’m looking forward to the contest with great anticipation. It’s in Thailand this year, on the 30th; you can read all about it here. They were a little slow to get their site up and running, but it seems fully operational now. We’ll report on the betting odds as the contest draws closer. In the meantime, we’ll periodically make note of some of our favorite contestants, like Miss Germany:
The media blitz is beginning, as evidenced by Yahoo News Photos’ 164-photo slide show on the contest. The theme so far: Miss Universe contestants go to the beach. It’s hopeless to try to pick a favorite, so I’ll just post the first photo in the sequence; click to enlarge:

I noticed one other thing looking through the slide show–it seemed vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it. It somehow reminded me of something…an icon, maybe:

Nah, I give up. Must be my imagination.


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