Two sad realities

Diana West argues that the “Koran-gate” is more about “them” (bloodthirsty jihadists) than about “us” (a media too eager to do a “gotcha” on our government). Her point is well-taken, although I’d express it differently. To me, the story is about the confluence of two sad realities — the MSM feels compelled to make our government look bad; the Islamofascists feel compelled to take innocent life. Neither compulsion is healthy, but only the latter is psychopathic.
Meanwhile, Austin Bay calls on Newsweek to abandon the Nixon-Vietnam reporting template and recognize that there’s a war going on — a 21st century war — with American lives at stake. Don’t expect this to happen soon. Indeed, lf Newsweek were to respond, I suspect it would ask, with respect, who appointed Austin Bay its editor.


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