How the Times is Different From Bloggers

We all know it’s a good thing that august institutions like the New York Times adhere to time-honored standards of rigor and objectivity. As opposed to us bloggers, who are often suspected of being partisans. From that perspective, the “Editors’ Note” in today’s Times Corrections Section is a bit troubling:

An article on May 6 described a demonstration at Princeton University against the proposal by Bill Frist, the Senate majority leader and a Princeton graduate and board member, to bar filibusters on judicial nominees. The writer, a freelance contributor who is a Princeton student, did not disclose to The Times that before she was assigned the article, she had participated in the demonstration. The Times does not ordinarily allow its writers to cover events in which they have taken part, and the paper’s staff and contributors are not permitted to join rallies or demonstrations on divisive issues. The writer says she was unaware of these policies.

Note how the demonstration in question was against a Republican, and the undisclosed demostrator is someone who shares the Times’ editorial position.
Rest assured that if we ever report on a demonstration in which we participated, we’ll mention that fact.


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