Unmitigated Galloway

Hmmmm…Our friend Tom Bevan of RealClearPolitics has kindly alerted us to this mash note to George Galloway from Scott Ritter in Ritter’s Guardian column: “In the belly of the beast.” Scott Ritter lauding George Galloway…perfect!
Fortunately, the new issue of the Weekly Standard carries the antidote. The Standard’s featured articles this week are “Unmitigated Galloway” by Christopher Hitchens and “Saddam’s business partners” by Stephen Hayes.
JOHN adds: Hayes’s column is an absolutely superb short history of the oil for food program and the current revelations about Saddam’s bribery of foreign politicians and, apparently, at least one U.N. official–the head of the oil for food program, Benon Sevan.


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