My favorite Democrat, part 18

Former Georgia Governor and Senator Zell Miller is my favorite Democrat. I reiterated my case for Senator Miller in part 17 of this long-running series. Now comes Lance McMurray of Red State Rant with the first part (of two) of a multi-blog interview of Senator Miller.
Here is Senator Miller on the question of the moment:

Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:
What is your stance on the Democrats’ filibuster of judicial nominees and would you support the “Nuclear Option”?

ZM: Absolutely, I’d support the “Nuclear Option.” I would have supported it three years ago. In the language of the military, it’s a “hill worth dying for,” because if you don’t stop this filibuster, you’re never going to be able to get moderate judges, judges who will interpret the law rather than trying to make it.
Beth: Do you see any pitfalls in using this option?
ZM: I see more… There may be some pitfalls, and there may be some rough times after it’s done, but the good that it will do far outweighs the bad.

Lance posts the following note as a postscript to part one today:

I met with Zell after a book signing Saturday and arrived early, even before Zell got there. Met with him briefly and then sat behind him while he signed copies of his new book. Zell was five minutes late. He not only apologized to the sizeable crowd waiting he also apologized to each individual as they approached. Not in the “I’m campaigning” kind of way but in the “my time is no more valuable than your’s” kind of way. I see why he did so well in politics, he connects with people in a way few can. I almost expected him to look at me and say “Can I get you a biscuit, a glass of tea or something.” Everybody was family to Zell. He is truly a gracious man.

Lance tells me Senator Miller inscribed a book for me with the note, “I’m proud to be your favorite Democrat.”


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