My favorite Democrat, part 19

It’s part 19 for us, but part two for the Red State Rant interview of our favorite Democrat: “Zell Miller: Multi-blog interview, part 2.” Here’s today’s key question and answer (just kidding):

Scott at Powerline:
I loved your “favorite books” section of your senate web site. I was struck by how serious and substantial your favorite books are. I was wondering if you would be willing to pick one out and discuss the impact it had on you or why it was one of your favorites.

ZM: I am not even sure this was on my site but my favorite book has become The Purpose Driven Life. It really speaks to me, it speaks to my heart and to my mind. It has helped me a great deal and I have gotten a lot out of it personally and spiritually.

You will want to read it all; he is a special man.


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