Silence of the lambent

Thomas Lipscomb is a dogged journalist and former newspaper insider with a great nose for news and, even rarer, a willingness to use it. He now plies his trade as a senior fellow at the Annenberg Center for the Digital Future at the University of Southern California. Lipscomb writes:

In February, Eason Jordan walked the plank for allegedly…(because no one has yet released the tape) stating the U.S. Military targeted journalists in Iraq — he had NO evidence to back it up. A firestorm of broadcast and print media ensued.
Only 10 days ago the president of the Newspaper Guild, the most powerful news and media workers union in North America, said exactly the same thing, with no evidence. There were TWO differences:
There is a tape available on the Internet of her exact words and
The only MSM newspaper in the country that decided that it was worth questioning the statement (and risking the wrath of the 35,000 strong union that makes everyone


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