Don’t cry for me, Ashtabula

Tracy Allen writes in response to “It’s Georgie’s turn to cry”:

You mentioned Voinovich’s pathetic display on the floor of the Senate yesterday, but I haven’t seen anyone relate that for someone who “cares” so much now, he didn’t care enough to show up for the two days of confirmation hearings when testimony was given.

The heading comes from the subject line of Tracy’s message. Why didn’t I think of that?
DEACON adds: In Voinovich’s defense, he’s worried about a real problem — the increasing diplomatic isolation of the U.S. We’re losing ground with a number of key blocs — Europe, Latin America, and Russia. China has been a major problem all along. We’re making up some ground in the Middle East, but slowly and uncertainly. Only with respect to India, parts of the old Soviet Union, and Japan are things roughly where we’d like them to be. I don’t blame the U.S. We’re fighting a war, and the alternative to losing ground with former friends (which is not even guaranteed to accomplish that) is to fight the war less aggressively. To me, that’s not acceptable. But I can understand why Voinovich is concerned. The world is a dangerous place and a scary one, especially for the faint of heart.


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