Keeping the Heat on Ms. Foley

Hiawatha Bray, a member of the Newspaper Guild, of which Linda Foley is the President, has challenged Foley to either support or retract her charge that American soldiers are mass murderers of American and foreign journalists. He got a response from her, but it was, as he says, “extremely odd”: Foley wrote, “I am not going to discuss this with you on the eve of Memorial Day weekend.”
Foley got a round of applause from her media audience when she repeated the slander that cost Eason Jordan his job at CNN. Clearly, there are a lot of journalists who believe that our troops deliberately murder journalists; one can only assume that this belief colors their coverage of the Iraq war and other military actions. Isn’t it time to put up or shut up? If journalists like Jordan and Foley have evidence to back up their claims, let’s see it. If they don’t, let’s put this canard to rest once and for all. And stop applauding and lionizing people like Jordan and Foley who repeat it.
Via InstaPundit.


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