Blogger David M reports that Victor Navasky, “publisher, editorial director and apparently co-owner of iconic left wing journal The Nation, is running the Columbia Journalism Review; however he is not on the masthead.” CJR purports to be an unbiased media watchdog publication. Yet David M’s reporting suggests that a major left-wing polemicist is calling the shots at CJR without any mention on the masthead. According to David M, the Journal’s executive editor has admitted that he answers to Navasky. And Navasky himself, while downplaying his editorial rule, appears to have acknowledged that he provides some editorial direction.
Our most direct contact with CJR occurred when it a ran piece on Rathergate which maintained that bloggers were at least as blameworthy as CBS for the whole affair. The story was called “Blog-gate.” John’s demolition of that piece is worth another look.


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