Blame America first

Please don’t miss Michelle Malkin’s column on the scandalously distorted way in which the MSM and human rights organizations have portrayed the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. Michelle shows how solicitous of Muslim sensibilities (solictous to a fault she says, and I agree) our military has been. She also provides an important fact that is almost always absent from MSM accounts — the conduct of some of the prisoners, which includes spitting on and hurling urine and feces at the MP’s. In addition, as R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. reminds us, the Weekly Standard reported that (in a reversal of Abu Ghraib) some prisoners have masturbated in front of the women guards.
It is shocking, but not surprising, that major elements of the MSM and the American left are willing to accept pretty much at face value allegations of abuse by our sworn and dishonorable enemies, who are trained to lie about the conditions of their captivity, but not the responses of the American soldiers who have put themselves at risk trying to defend our country. How can we explain this? Let’s be generous and assume that the animating force is hatred of President Bush, not hatred of America.
UPDATE: Please don’t miss Charles Krauthammer’s column — “Gitmo Grovel” — either.


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