Maybe the Dems Will Be Nicer This TIme

The Washington Post reports that the Bush administration is poised to send approximately 20 new appellate court nominations to the Senate over the next few weeks. In passing, the article confirms what a terrible deal the “moderate” Republicans made with the Democrats, when they secured votes for only three of seven filibustered nominees, with no word as to the remaining four:

Republican leaders are considering whether to try to force votes on one of the other four not covered by the deal, William G. Myers III of Idaho, to test Democratic resolve. Democrats said they believe they have a united caucus — excepting Sen. Ben Nelson (Neb.) — to block the other judges, meaning they would have enough votes to maintain a filibuster.

So all four of the nominees not explicitly covered by the agreement are to be blocked. In addition to securing votes for only three of seven judges, the Republicans agreed to forgo the Constitutional option for this Congress, and agreed to language blaming President Bush for the judicial impasse.
The Republicans who negotiated this deal got fleeced.


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