Some perspective, please

The military has released its finding with respect to Koran abuse at Gitmo. Here is the Washington Times’ account. The report finds five confirmed instances in which military guards or interrogators “mishandled” the Koran. “Mishandling” means failure to follow policy and procedure with respect to the Koran. The five instances are unfortunate but, in the scheme of things, fairly trivial even, one hopes, in the context of our culture of victimization. The military found no credible evidence that guards or interrogators ever flushed a Koran down a toilet.
The report finds that, on 15 occasions, detainees themselves “mishandled” the Koran. Some of these instances are not trivial. One detainee tried to flush the Koran down the toilet; another ripped out some of its pages; another intentionally urinated on the book. But these cases aren’t earth-shaking either. “Earth-shaking” is when al Qaeda converts mosques into military outposts or kills believers as they attend religious services in mosques or other houses of worship.
Austin Bay has more on the report.


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