From the mixed-up files of John Kerry

Today’s Boston Globe reports on the contents of John Kerry’s full military and medical records: “Kerry allows Navy release of military, medical record.” According to the Globe, the only previously undisclosed records are commendations from commanding officers. In the words of the great Peggy Lee song, “Is that all there is?” Either Kerry is the world’s worst politician, or something is missing from his file.
Of lesser interest is the Globe article on Kerry’s undergraduate record: “Yale grades portray Kerry as lackluster student.” The Globe subhead seems calculated to get under Kerry’s skin: “His 4-year average on par with Bush’s.”
DEACON adds: Some of the folks at NRO’s Corner think that Kerry’s resistance to releasing his file was due to the poor grades reflected therein. In that regard, please see this post I wrote last October following an exchange between Kerry and Tom Brokaw about the Senator’s IQ.
UPDATE: A knowledgeable reader called to say that the Navy would not have Kerry’s complete service records; according to the caller, the records are retained by the National Personnel Records Center. He pointed out that the Navy’s Web site directs veterans seeking their records to the National Personnel Records Center (click here for the Navy site’s instruction). It would have been nice if the Globe had included this information in its story. See also Polipundit’s comment here.
UPDATE 2: John O’Neill comments on the release in the third update here at Blogs for Bush.


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