Making Donald Segretti look slick

With a huge battle shaping over the confirmation of whomever President Bush nominates to the Supreme Court, folks are grabbing up domain names for websites through which to present their views when the nomination occurs. For example, Hugh Hewitt has registered in case Michael McConnell gets the nod. Leftists have registered names such as (for John Roberts) and (for Michael Luttig).
So far so good. However, The Legal Times reports that Brian Komar, former director of strategic affairs for a liberal outfit called the Leadership Conference, bought domains with names that indicate support for a prospective nominee (e.g., with the intention of creating a site that opposes the nominee. Komar calls this approach “a strategic decision about messaging and political communication” that promotes “getting your own message out” while “preventing your opponent from getting his message out.”
I suppose that if Bill Clinton could believe that the “Agreed Framework” would stop North Korea from developing nuclear weapons, Komar could believe that deceptive domain names might hamper efforts to confirm a Supreme Court Justice. Overall, I’d say that the left has lost its ability to discern causal relationships, which may also explain why (to the extent they care) they think we can obtain life-saving information from terrorists without using coercion.
Meanwhile Komar, the strategic genius, has joined former Bill Clinton aide John Podesta’s Center for American Progress.


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