Mo’ better Kool-Aid

In his Daily Standard column “Argument by metaphor,” Paul anticipated the rabid foaming at the mouth of Senators Durbin and Leahy in the Senate yesterday. Paul followed up his Standard column here with “Mo’ better metaphors” and “Mo’ mo’ better metaphors.”
Paul observed the invocation of Nazi/Khmer Rouge/Gulag rhetoric against administration officials and American troops in lieu of reasoned criticism. He argued that the left has become incapable of performing the hard work required to level and support such criticism.
Senator Leahy has posted his statement from yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on his Web site. It is worth reading in its entirety, but here’s my favorite line: “[I]f the Administration had made better use of the Federal courts, we would not be in this mess.” Here’s my second favorite: “Combatants who merited POW status could have been held for the duration of active hostilities.” Thank you, Senator Leahy.
As for Senator Durbin, what is there to say? The AP reports: “Sen. Durbin stands by Guantanamo remarks.” Al-Jazeera reports: “US senator stands by Nazi remark.” Today Senator Durbin is probably al-Qaeda’s most popular senator, although he must have some serious competition in that department (click here).
Here is one metaphor by which I am willing to stand. Senators Leahy and Durbin are more fit to reconstitute the Democratic Party as a branch of the Peoples Temple than to hold high office. They are more fit to lead a doomsday cult devoted to drinking poison Kool-Aid than they are to serve as United States Senators.


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