The Democratic distemper

I draw your attention without further comment to Eli Lake’s New York Sun article: “Rangel-Foxman feud heats up over war.” On a related note, the Washington Times report on Senator Durbin’s latest expression of regret is “Durbin finally says he’s sorry.” He’s sorry, but not sorry enough.
And Durbin’s friends in the House have now called for an independent commission to investigate alleged detainee abuses at U.S. facilities throughout the world: “Dems demand Gitmo panel.” Several colleagues joined Nancy Pelosi in her call for the creation of the commission, though Fox News notes this difference: “Others were a little uneasy about accusing U.S. soldiers of committing abuses but had less reluctance in blaming higher-ups.”
UPDATE: Please see the quotes and commentary furnished this morning by
Hugh Hewitt. Hugh nails it.


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