They’re Not in it for the Money

A reader who is a lawyer in Minneapolis writes:

I thought you’d be interested to know — I just called in to cancel my subscription [to the Minneapolis Star Tribune]. After being on hold for about 10 minutes, the service rep. who took my call asked for a reason. I told her that the editorial page writers were out of control and offensive, and she replied “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but, we have had a lot of calls cancelling subscriptions for that same reason.” I feel better already.

UPDATE: Several readers have written us with similar messages. Here is the latest:

I too called to cancel my Sunday subscription to the Star Trib
yesterday. Conversation was short:

Rep: May I ask why you are canceling your subscription?
Me: Did you read the Durbin editorial today?
Rep: Yes I did.
Me: That’s the reason.
Rep: Oh.

No more arguments from her.


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