Do not disturb

In the post below, John publishes the letter to the editor of the Star Tribune sent by Lt. Peter Hegseth regarding the American detention operation at Guantanamo in which he served. In the letter Lt. Hegseth takes issue with the Star Tribune editorial supporting Senator Durbin’s obscene condemnation of the detention operation prior to Durbin’s crying game expression of conditional regret for the terms of his condemnation. Lt. Hegseth’s letter, unlike the Star Tribune’s editorial excrescence, was of course based on first-hand observation and experience.
Lt. Hegseth sent us a copy of the letter via our Power Line email inbox yesterday with the thought that the Star Tribune might not get around to printing it. The Star Tribune has run nine letters responding to the editorial in its June 22 and 23 editions. It has not as yet found room for Lt. Hegseth’s letter.


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