The schreing game

Reader Mark Eichenlaub draws our attention to David Gregory’s June 21 interview with Karl Rove last night: “Karl Rove Q & A.” Mark comments: “He absolutely took everything thrown at him and made David Gregory look foolish.” The interview was taped before the faux furor over Rove’s New York speech, but Rove makes the same point here in a variety of contexts. Daniel Henninger elaborates a related point in his Wall Street Journal Wonder Land column: “It’s his war.”
Dan Balz covers the Rove furor for the Washington Post: “Democrats call for Rove to apologize.” The Republican response to the Democratic attacks appears to have the better of the argument as set out in Balz’s article. I’m pretty sure there’s no “crying game” in Rove’s future, but I’m also pretty sure that the Democrats’ “schreing (shrieking) game” will continue today.