Where Will It End?

The hate, that is. Victor Davis Hanson recapitulates the liberals’ hate campaign against President Bush, ranging from Charlie Rangel (“This is just as bad as the 6 million Jews being killed”) to John Glenn (“It’s the old Hitler business”) to Amnesty International. Like us, Hanson worries about where all this will lead:

As a result, the bar is lowering. In today’s climate, Alfred Knopf has already published a novel about killing the president. Charlie Brooker writing in the Guardian in London prayed for another Lee Harvey Oswald to take out George W. Bush. Comedians, New York plays and art exhibits also bandy about assassination.
Each time a public official evokes Hitler to demonize the president, the American effort in Iraq or its conservative supporters, cheap rhetorical fantasy becomes only that much closer to a nightmarish reality where the unstable, here and abroad, act on the belief America really is Hitler’s Germany.
We will all soon reap what the ignorant are now sowing.

Let’s hope that somber prophecy doesn’t prove true. Michelle Malkin notes more evidence of the same phenomenon. She links to the Huffington Post, where, in response to a rumor that Vice-President Cheney was hospitalized in Colorado, Democratic commenters openly wish for Chency’s death, much as some (to be fair, not all) liberals recently cheered for conservative commentator Laura Ingraham to die of breast cancer.
It’s not a pretty picture. Meanwhile, to put all of this in perspective, Gateway Pundit has a good roundup of developments in the trial, in Jordan, of 13 al Qaeda terrorists for plotting to perpetrate the worst chemical weapons attack in history. (We most recently commented on the Jordan trial in “Pay No Attention to the Terrorists Behind the Curtain”.)
The Jordan trial is significant in part because it shows what an important base for al Qaeda-directed terrorism Saddam’s Iraq was. But this is of little interest to the left; as best I can tell from a site search, readers of the New York Times don’t even know the Jordan trial is going on. Liberals are convinced they know who their enemies are, and they’re not talking about the al Qaeda terrorists who, directed from Iraq, schemed to kill tens of thousands of Jordanians and Americans.


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