Another Osama Rumor

Reader Mark Eichenlaub pointed out this item in yesterday’s Mirror:

SAS troops were last night poised to storm into Afghanistan and capture Osama bin Laden.
Special forces have “good intelligence” the al-Qaeda boss or a senior henchman is holed up in a Taliban enclave.
Two squadrons are on stand-by waiting for the go-ahead from reconnaissance troops on the ground in Afghanistan. Specialist counter-terrorist soldiers in the rapid-deployment group are on high alert at the SAS’s Hereford base. The other team consists of troops serving around the world.
Commanders have insisted on waiting for news on the ground because of the cost of the operation, which could run into hundreds of thousands of pounds and stretch vital SAS resources.

Do I believe it? No. But it is an interesting counterpoint to Porter Goss’s comment the other day that he has a good idea where bin Laden is.


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