Enter Congress: A letter to the LMDC

Robert Shurbet of Take Back the Memorial writes with “big memorial news,” sending us a copy of this letter to the president of the Lower Manhanttan Development Corporation:

June 30, 2005
The Honorable Stefan Pryor
Lower Manhattan Development Corporation
1 Liberty Plaza
20th Floor
New York, New York 10006
Dear Mr. Pryor:
We write today regarding the International Freedom Center (IFC), currently planned to join the World Trade Center Memorial at Ground Zero.
As you are well aware, there has been a great deal of controversy regarding what exhibits will be shown at the IFC. Reports of these exhibits do, in fact, give reasonable people cause for concern. Frankly, we worry that the project may have lost the focus that seemed so clear three and a half years ago.
The principle that should be adhered to is a simple one: on the ground once occupied by the World Trade Center, we should craft a memorial for those killed in the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.
This encompasses several different aspects: the World Trade Center Memorial itself will rightly be the most direct measure, with remembrances of that day and those taken from us


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