Let the games begin

Sandra Day O’Connor is stepping down.
JOHN adds: Hugh Hewitt has some interesting excerpts from an online chat today with the Washington Post’s Terry Neal, including this quote from a spokeswoman for the National Organization for Women:

“Every one is devastated. This is the worst-case scenario. She was the wall between us and losing Roe…So everything is at stake. And we’re issuing a call to action to everyone in America who cares about women’s lives. This is going to be the most important battle in decades.”

Which conveys, I guess, a sense of the hysteria with which the Left will greet President Bush’s nominee, whoever it may be.
I also thought this statement by Neal himself was revealing:

O’Connor was probably the least predictable of any of the court’s members. She often sided with conservatives on big votes, such as stopping the Florida voting in 2000 and on some states rights issues. But she often sided with the left on some big issues…

“Stopping the Florida voting”? Could be just a slip of the keyboard, but I suspect it is a window into how some on the left actually think.


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