Live 8 Concerts…

…are under way world-wide. The main site is here. The Associated Press reports on the concerts that are already taking place. You can watch on VH1 or MTV, view a free webcast at, or listen to any of the concerts on a separate channel on the XM satellite network.
Charmaine Yoest and Josh Trevino of are among the bloggers who will be boarding the official Live 8 airplane in New York tomorrow evening to fly to Edinburgh to live-blog the summit at Gleneagles, courtesy of Virgin Airways and the Live 8 crew. Other bloggers are live-blogging the individual concerts.
As I’ve written here before, I think the Live 8 effort makes sense on geopolitical as well as humanitarian grounds, applaud the group’s emphasis on political reform as a prerequisite to receiving aid, and have great respect for Bob Geldof’s encyclopedic knowledge of the situation in Africa and common sense regarding what’s needed to solve the problems there.


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