Who is that unmasked man?

Kelly Hartmaker of Infinity Broadcasting’s KMOX outlet in St. Louis writes:

Rocky Sickmann, Marine Corps guard at the embassy, told KMOX that the new Iranian president looks awfully familiar. AP picked it up for Missouri, and our interview (fed to CBS) was used as the [July 1] 5:30am (CST) Osgood File on CBS Radio Network. Click here for Osgood’s report.

On the other hand, Mikkel has anazlyzed the photographic evidence at Enough! (“critical essays on Islam and Europe viewed from the rightwinged corner of Denmark”) and declares: “Ahmadinejad is NOT on those photos!”
Meanwhile, Regime Change Iran includes a link to Kenneth Timmerman’s Jerusalem Post column reporting that, according to Iranian defectors, Iran has assembled 15 nuclear warheads. The London Times reports: “US agents probe past of Iran’s leader.” See also Jack Kelly’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette column: “Iran’s sham election reveals its hard-line reactionary turn.”


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