A word from Frontline

FRONTLINE producer Jessica Smith writes:

Responding to this morning’s terrorist attacks in London, FRONTLINE will repackage “Al Qaeda’s New Front,” a 60 minute exploration of the evolving global terrorist network. The film offers viewers the big story behind today’s attacks – how the Al Qaeda network is gaining momentum across Europe and how this has led to the March 2004 attacks in Madrid and today’s bombings in London. It will be soft fed to local PBS stations tonight at 9pm (check local listings).
Streaming video of the complete documentary is now available on the FRONTLINE Web site here. The site also includes a country-by-country overview of Western Europe’s situation, including the major terror plots and arrests; an analysis by a former CIA operative of Al Qaeda’s post-9/11 changes – and their implications; FAQ on why European Muslims are becoming radicalized and why Americans should should be concerned; and more special reports.

UPDATE: Penn State student and Claremont Institute intern Matt Valkovic writes:

For what it’s worth, I watched most of the PBS documentary on al Qaeda you recently linked to. I’m not sure if you’ve seen it, but you come away with the impression that, according to all the so-called terrorist “experts” and “specialists,” the Bush administration has gotten everything wrong–namely, the Iraq war–so far in the war on terror and the salafist jihadis only gaining momentum. The only worthwhile chapter was Chapter 2: The Ideological Base, which describes the “invasion” of Europe by Muslims. Pretty scary stuff when you consider how determined and driven these Salafists are.


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