London calling

Here are a few of the stories related to the London bombings that are worth a look this morning. The BBC gives eyewitnesses a chance to speak: “Witnesses tell of bomb blast hell.” In a story with a Beirut dateline, Newsday reports how London has become a haven for Islamic “militants”: “Probing al-Qaeda.” The New York Sun’s Eli Lake takes a look at the closely related story of the London-based cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri: “Experts explore link to former Afghan warrior.” In his Slate column “The anticipated attack,” Christopher Hitchens refers to al-Masri as “a one-eyed and hook-handed mullah who isn’t as nice as he looks[.]”
UPDATE: Reader J. Verner asks that we also link to Hitchens’s “Churchillian” London Mirror column today: “We cannot surrender.”


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