Washington, London, Jerusalem

Rick Richman of Jewish Current Issues notes that the G8 financial commitment to the Palestinian Authority is apparently $9 billion rather than $3 billion. He also notes that the day after the London bombings, President Bush has found the Palestinian Authority in noncompliance with its 1993 commitments (which include cessation of terrorism) and waived any sanction: “Annals of appeasement — 2005.” Is this any way to run a war?
Yesterday our friends at MEMRI — make that “the invaluable MEMRI” — released their latest Arab media report: “Special Dispatch Series – No. 932.” Here’s the summary:

Director of London’s Al-Maqreze Centre for Historical Studies Hani Sibai: There are No “Civilians” in Islamic Law; The Bombing is a Great Victory for Al-Qa’ida, Which “Rubbed the Noses of the World’s 8 Most Powerful Countries in the Mud”

There seems to be a connection running running from the centers of Islamofascist terrorism to London, but not the one advertised in this YNET report:“London, Tel Aviv blasts connected.” The YNET report is attributed to the German newspaper German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, and Bild am Sonntag appears to be a quasi-pornographic tabloid of no reliabilty. Indeed, today’s Haaretz reports: “Halutz: No ties between London attacks, Mike’s Place bombing in TA.” I’ll go with the Haaretz report.
Nevertheless, this YNET report more reliably brings the connection into focus: “Gaza mosque welcome London attacks.” And I would personally vouch for the reliability of this Jerusalem Post story that highlights the other side of the connection: “Israeli MD hero on bombed London tube.”
At the NRO’s Corner, Kathryn Jean Lopez quotes Prime Minister Blair’s speech to Parliament yesterday:

It seems probable that the attack was carried out by Islamist extremist terrorists, of the kind who over recent years have been responsible for so many innocent deaths in Madrid, Bali, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kenya, Tanzania, Pakistan, Yemen, Turkey, Egypt and Morocco, of course in New York on September 11th, but in many other countries too.

K-Lo notes “[o]ne obvious glaring omission…”


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