Speculation about the plot thickens

Byron York at NRO reports on his interview with Karl Rove’s lawyer, Robert Luskin. Luskin contends that Cooper “burned” Rove:

If you read what Karl said to him and read how Cooper characterizes it in the article, he really spins it in a pretty ugly fashion to make it seem like people in the White House were affirmatively reaching out to reporters to try to get them to them to report negative information about Plame.

In fact, according to Luskin, Cooper called Rove (not the other way around) to talk initially about another subject, and Cooper later brought up the subject of WMD. (York does not report that Luskin told him that Cooper brought up the subject of Wilson, however, and his story can be read as implying that Rove did that).
Read the whole thing. John Podhoretz did, and he speculates (as others have started to) that the original source for the “Wilson got the job from his CIA wife” was a reporter, maybe Judith Miller. He speculates further that Miller, who has clashed with Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald before, is Fitzgerald’s primary object of interest.
Read John P.’s whole thing too.
SCOTT adds: And read John P.’s provocative speculation based on York’s article at NRO’s Corner here.


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