An element of pretense

“An element of pretense” is the scandal that the Washington Post finds at the heart of the Bush administration’s treatment of the Wilson/Plame affair: “In Plame leaks, long shadows.” I won’t at this point belabor the partiality and misdirection at play in this double-byline, page-one above-the-fold story in the premier newspaper of the nation’s capital. “An element of pretense…” among the leading actors of a presidential administration. Who’d a thunk it? In the future, reporters VandeHei and Allen should adopt the pseudonym “Candide” to suggest the innocence they bring to their reporting, or perhaps “Captaine Renault” to suggest its fabricated nature. For the Post to place this dud of a story– not only devoid of news, but itself enveloping its readers in the cloud of unknowing that characterizes MSM coverage of the story — on page one is deserving of special recognition of some kind.
UPDATE: I had inserted a faulty link while working from a laptop in Washington. I have fixed the link to the Post article.


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