A few good women

We have not provided a “short-list” of female candidates to replace Justice O’Connor because we don’t believe President Bush should be pre-disposed to select a woman or otherwise be influenced by gender. Those who want to see such a list can check Bill Kristol’s.
A few comments on some of those who made Krisol’s list. I would love to see Edith Jones nominated. However, her sharp judicial tongue with respect to certain issues near and dear to feminists reportedly scared away the Bush-I administration, and that was during the pre-filibuster era. Edith Brown Clement may not satisfy conservatives. Note that the Leahy-Kennedy-Biden-Schumer crowd confirmed her in a few months back in 2001, a time the Dems routinely were blocking strong conservative nominees for several years minimum.
I was glad to see Karen Williams’ name on the list and consider her a solid candidate. As I understand it, Judge Williams is or was a registered Democrat. She is also from South Carolina, home state of the influential Senator Graham. However, Graham reportedly has endorsed another Fourth Circuit Judge from his home state, William Wilkens, and I have no idea how he would view a Williams nomination. President Bush would need to find out before sending her name up.
In any case, I still say that Michael Luttig is the one to select from the Fourth Circuit.


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