What price Giuliani?

Minneapolis is a city far gone in political dysfunction and the ruin of one-party rule. (The Green Party has lately afforded some competition to the Democratic Party in a few of the city’s neighborhoods, but this is not exactly the kind of competition that might do the city some good.) In 1988, when it was all the rage among the illuminati, Minneapolis declared Novosibirsk — the capital of Siberia — its Soviet sister city.
Minneapolis was, as usual, a little late to the party, with the city’s political establishment expressing its support for Communism and its solidarity with the Soviet Union a moment before the country collapsed under Communism’s dead weight. Now that it might actually do Minneapolis some good to call on Novosibirsk about the establishment of multiparty democracy, Novosibirsk appears to be long forgotten. In my Daily Standard column this morning, I take a look at one element of Minneapolis’s political dysfunction: “Return to Murderapolis.”


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